Welcome to Dinosaur Island!

Dinosaur Island Logo CONTROL 300X250This is the place for the latest information about the development of Dinosaur Island, a great new educational game for PCs and the Xbox game console. Here you will be among the first to see to the new dinosaur animations and you will also be able to help influence design decisions.

Dinosaur Island is currently under development by Dr. D. Ezra Sidran and Ed Isenberg; two game developers who have been writing best-selling computer games together since 1987.

Here we will be posting videos of dinosaur animation tests, concept art, design documents and asking you, fellow dinosaur lovers, for feedback about what you would like to see in Dinosaur Island.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Dinosaur Island!

    • This reminds me alot of Jurassic park… Anyways, I will be watching! This looks very exciting, And will you be able to be the dinosaurs? Being able to play as the predator and the prey would be pretty awesome!

      • Yes, you can be any dinosaur you want. You can also just observe the dinosaurs like in a ‘digital terrarium’. You can also decide what types of dinosaurs and how many of each species and how many plants and different plant types, too (in other words construct a working ecosystem and try to keep it in balance).

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