Dinosaurs in the News

  • Deinocheirus mystery solved! Deinocheirus was likely a huge toothless omnivore that stood 16 feet tall and measured 36 feet in length. “These new specimens really solve the mystery once and for all,” Dr. Stephen Brusatte, a vertebrate paleontologist at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, told National Geographic. “They tell us Deinocheirus was much weirder than anyone could have imagined—a colossal, slow-moving, horse-headed, hump-backed dinosaur that looks like something out of a bad sci-fi movie.” Here is a link to a computer animation of Deinocheirus at the University of Alberta.
  • ‘World’s biggest dinosaur’ unearthed in Argentina desert. Scientists in Argentina have uncovered the bones of a creature believed to be the world’s biggest dinosaur. According to the measurements of its gigantic thigh bones, the herbivore would have been 40m (130ft) long and 20m (65ft) tall, the BBC reported. Palaeontologists think it is a new species of titanosaur – part of a diverse group of sauropod dinosaurs that were characterized by their long necks and tails and small heads – dating from the Cretaceous period. For more information see here.

  • “New long necked sauropod discovered in Argentina. Scientists in Argentina on Wednesday announced the discovery of the fossilized remains of a unique member of the famous long-necked, plant-munching dinosaurs known as sauropods, the largest land creatures in Earth’s history. The dinosaur, named Leinkupal laticauda, may be the smallest of the sauropod family called diplodocids, typified by the well-known Diplodocus, which lived in North America, they said.” Read more here.
  • “Pinocchio Rex,” a 66 million year old predator with an exceptionally long nose is discovered in China. “The skeleton of a new type of tyrannosaur was discovered in a Chinese construction site, near Ganzhou in the south. The 66-million-year-old predator was identified by scientists at Edinburgh University in the U.K., and officially named Qianzhousaurus sinensis. However, scientists have nicknamed the ancient colossal reptile “Pinocchio Rex,” due to its very long nose. The find was published in the journal Nature Communications.“Pinocchio” is a cousin of the famously ferocious predator, Tyrannosaurus rex. “It has the familiar toothy grin of T. rex, but its snout was long and slender, with a row of horns on top,” Dr. Steve Brusatte of Edinburgh told BBC” For more information, see here.
  • Dwarf T. rex discovered far above the Arctic Circle. “High above the Arctic Circle, along an Alaskan river, palaeontologists have unearthed fossils of the first known tyrannosaur species at either pole.The new animal comes from so far north that it is named Nanuqsaurus hoglundi, after the Inupiat word for polar bear (nanuq). Its existence near the top of the world shows that relatives of Tyrannosaurus rex survived and even thrived in extreme polar environments, some 70 million years ago.” Read about it here.
  • New Jurassic era predator discovered in Portugal. “The new species is the largest land predator discovered in Europe and one of the largest worldwide of the Jurassic era, said authors Christophe Hendrickx and Octavio Mateus of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Museu da Lourinha.” Details here.
  • Massive deposit of coprolites produced by Dinodontosaurus, a Triassic era megaherbivore,  found in Argentina. “When cracked open they reveal fragments of extinct plants, fungi, and gut parasites,” said Martin Hechenleitner, a fellow author on the study. Click here for details.
  • New Cretaceous predator discovered! Researchers from Chicago’s Field Museum, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and North Carolina State University announced Friday the discovery of Siats meekerorum, a dinosaur that stretched more than 30 feet long, in eastern Utah. Click here for details.
  • Recently discovered Mosasaur fossil found with three other mosasaurs in stomach! A fossilized mosasaur found in Angola contains the partial remains of three other mosasaurs in its stomach, researchers reported here Tuesday (Oct. 29) at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America. Click here
  • Earth’s Largest Dinosaur ‘Walks’ in New Computer Simulation. New computer model demonstrates how the Argentinosaurus moved. Click here.
  • The Incredible Dinosaur Wall of Bolivia. Longest dinosaur trackway discovered in Bolivian quarry. Good pictures, too here.
    Government shutdown stops T. Rex in its tracks. The ongoing government shutdown has stalled plans to haul a near-complete T. rex fossil to its new home at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, a federal institution forced to shut its doors last week. More information here.
    Dinosaurs may have produced their own body heat, making them warm-blooded, new research suggests. New study reported in Live Science here.
    Big-Nosed Dinosaur, Nasutoceratops, Discovered By Paleontologists In Utah. The discovery of a  new, long nosed dinosaur with horns like a Texas steer was announced today. There are some great drawings of the Nasutoceratops, too. Link here.
  • Tooth Is ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence That Tyrannosaurus Rex Was Hunter, Killer. Well, this is certainly interesting. “In the Hell Creek Formation of South Dakota, Burnham and colleagues discovered the crown of a T. rex tooth lodged in the fossilized spine of a plant-eating hadrosaur that seems to have survived the attack.” Link to article in Science Daily here.
  • This comic about dinosaurs is especially funny because our first inhabitants of Dinosaur Island will probably be the Edmontosaurus (a hadrosaur though probably not crested) and the T. Rex from Canada. “The Canadian Dinosaur” by Dakota McFadzean:

    The Canadian Dinosaurs by Dakota McFadzean

    “The Canadian Dinosaur” by Dakota McFadzean

  • Rare, nearly complete triceratops skeleton unearthed in Wyoming. Read about it here.

  • How To Eat A Triceratops’: Illustrations Reveal T. Rex’s Feeding Strategy. Read about it here.

  • Allosaurus Feeding Behavior Was Similar To That Of Modern-Day Falcons, New Study Suggests. Read about it here.

  • Baby Dinosaurs Fossils Found in China Show that Embryos Kicked & Wiggled in Their Eggs.

baby dinosaurs image

Credit: D. Mazierski



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